How to Install Vinyl Flooring?

Issuing time:2019-10-30 15:56

There are several different varieties of vinyl flooring, including tiles, planks and large vinyl rolls. No matter what type of vinyl you put in, installation is fairly straightforward. Although the details of installing vinyl flooring may vary slightly depending on the layout of your room and the type of vinyl you are installing, the vinyl mounting base is the same. Most importantly, installation on different surface materials (such as wood or concrete) will not make much difference.

Choose the Right Flooring Option

Choose the vinyl floor type based on the look you want, the room layout, and the budget available. Vinyl sheets may be a cheaper option if you don't want to fill a large area, or if you have fixtures, you need to work around. If you need to do a lot of finishing, sheet and tile flooring is a better choice, but in the long run, you may spend more money.

Determine Flooring Area

Calculate how many square yards your floor needs. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply the two numbers to determine the area (square feet). Most floors are calculated in square yards, so divide the square feet by 9 (1 yard is 3 feet, so 1 square yard is equal to 3 feet by 3 feet or 9 square feet) to determine how much vinyl you need. .

Prep the Room

Remove the skirting boards, doors and other fixtures from the floor-mounted room. Remove any existing carpet or floor, although you can leave the existing vinyl or linoleum floor as long as it is well shaped and only one layer thick. Clean the floor and remove any debris or dirt that could interfere with the vinyl installation.

Acclimate the Vinyl

Place the vinyl in the room for at least 24 to 48 hours before proceeding with the installation. This allows the vinyl to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room, making installation easier and preventing displacement due to expansion or contraction after installation.

Install Underlayment

Move the vinyl and install a thin layer of plywood or other material on top of the floor surface. Stagger the edges of the wood on the floor and leave a gap of 1/32 inch between the sheets to allow the wood space to expand with increasing humidity. Leave a 1/8 inch gap around the wall.

Position the Vinyl

If you are using vinyl sheets, you can spread the vinyl in the room, or choose a wall and place the first tile or plank. If you use vinyl planks, cut off the edges of the planks with a multi-purpose knife and place one end of the planks against the wall. Trim the vinyl as needed to ensure a snug fit to the door frame or other fixtures on the floor.

Apply Adhesive

If you use sheets or lift the tiles or planks that are in place, fold the vinyl half back and apply the adhesive to the underlying cushion with a notched trowel. Set according to the package instructions.

If you are installing peelable vinyl tiles, you don't need to apply other adhesives; they already have adhesive on the back. To install these tiles, simply peel off their backs and press them into the bottom layer.

Install the Vinyl

Carefully reposition the vinyl on the fixing gel while pressing hard. Repeat this process and, if necessary, fold the other half of the vinyl sheet and apply more adhesive to the floor. If wood vinyl is used, place the new plank at a 45-degree angle so that the plank is lower than the edge of the previous plank and then put it back in place. Continue working on the floor, trim the vinyl if necessary, until the adhesive is applied everywhere, and the vinyl covers the floor.

Vinyl Maintenance

Allow the vinyl adhesive to dry completely before moving the furniture into the room or making the floor pass frequently. Do not allow water on the floor for at least five days after installation to allow proper curing time of the adhesive. Regularly sweep or dry the floor and use a floor cleaner designed for vinyl as needed to keep the floor clean and have the proper shine.

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